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It has become a popular hangout for both Las Vegas locals and tourists looking to get away fromt he mega resort on the Strip.

Downtown "Neighborhoods"Downtown Las Vegas covers about 110 acres and features numerous districts or "neighborhoods" all with a distinct feel. Fremont Street: For most visitors to Las Vegas this is Downtown.

Centered on Fremont Street and the massive blocks long video screen that displays images ranging from rock videos to psychedelic color montages.

The show is free and remains one of the must see attractions in Vegas.

So I went to a new dentist today and she said I needed deep cleaning on the bottom of my teeth which is not covered by insurance.

I said that's fine and then they told me it was going to cost close to $300 out of the pocket. Can any dentist out there or ppl who had this service done recently tell me what the standard fees are?

By Chris Carney Downtown Las Vegas is located a few miles north of the main part of the Las Vegas Strip and is the oldest part of the City of Las Vegas.It is home to numerous businesses, government buildings and tourist attractions including the Fremont Street Experience, the new Las Vegas City Hall, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts and dozens of casinos, restaurants, bars, shops and art galleries.It wasn't until the railroad came to town in 1905 that the City of Las Vegas was founded.Welcome Back While Downtown Las Vegas was "Las Vegas" up until the mid 70s, it was the coming of the mega resorts to the Las Vegas Strip that killed old downtown.It wasn't until recently that efforts at revitalizing the area, spearheaded by Mayor Oscar Goodman and various business leaders, that downtown went from a seedier part of town to the heart of the local scene.Dominated by the Fremont Street Experience and the surrounding old school casinos the downtown area has once more begun to see major tourism.

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